Q: Do you sell biochar?

Yes, we sell biochar blends, please see our products page for wholesale ordering.

Q: How much does a system cost?

This is the toughest question that we face day to day. The larger systems that we design and build are customized to meet the needs and ideals of the individual customer as well as their available feedstocks, product final use, what co-products they want, and many other variables. We want you to be successful in your biochar production and use, therefore we must define what it is that you need before we can quote you a price.

Q: Will you teach us how to use the system once installed?

Yes, we always include operator training as part of any contract that we make.

Q: Will you sell us plans so that we can build it ourselves?

We do not sell plans for the steel retort systems.

Q: How much biochar can I make with one of your systems?

This is another tough question. The basic single retort system will take about 3 cubic yards of wood feedstock in one load. Your yield will be about 1 cubic yard of biochar. The batch will take about 8 to 10 hours depending on the moisture in the feedstock, density, and several other variables. It then needs to cool, be unloaded, and a new batch loaded before being ready to do another batch. How much you make, and how fast you can cycle the system depends largely on the amount of labor you can put in.

Eastham company creates Biomass pyrolysis machine to ship to China

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Eastham company creates Biomass pyrolysis machine to ship to China